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The price war for services in a beauty salon.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

One of the businesses that opens more often each year are the beauty salons. This causes a price war on services, getting to the point where beauty salons do not make profits from their services anymore and they only work to be tired.

Most beauty salons focus their efforts on increasing services, having more employees, giving promotions on hair treatments, working 14 hours a day, all this gets pretty wearing for the owner. Giving less importance to this business and forgetting that all the customers who attend a beauty salon spend large amounts of money each month regardless the time of the year.

Every person who enters a beauty salon buys a shampoo, surely not with their stylist but with something they have to bathe and in most cases they have a conditioner, a comb cream, some a heat-protectant, silica, gel, mousse and spray. An average family has up to 10 hair products at home, maybe not all of them are used daily, but they were bought somewhere. Therefore a salon that provides services to 30 people per week, which are 120 people per month are consuming up to 1,200 hair products monthly and you only sell maybe the 5%, a total of 60 products per month. I ask you: Those 1,140 remaining products where were they sold? Does the sale for you as a salon owner of those 1140 products interest you?

We start with the most basic, the shampoo. Imagine that you could offer a shampoo in which your client will spend as much as he already spends at the supermarket, but now using an imported professional product, recommended by you: the beauty professional. You already used this product during the service your client asked for and he notice the difference. Your client will spend the same amount of money he/she is already spending.

So you would start selling to people who had never considered using a professional product, people who had never considered buying from you, because they can't afford it. Giving your client a benefit for his/her hair, paying the same amount of money he already is spending but now you as a stylist getting an extra income that you had not earned before.

AVYNA, the professional and exclusive hair brand that believes in the stylist, makes every effort to offer you products of the highest quality, but above all, a product that you can sell to all your customers.

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