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Turn $1K into a success story of $20k to $100k annual profit

With our proven business model.

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Avyna’s products can be described in 4 words: Italian · Professional · Cruelty free · Affordable.


We think professional products should be affordable for everyone so we manage to have products with the high quality any professional product should have at an amazing price. 

Avyna gives the salon owners the opportunity to grow their business by having a product they can actually sell and to the clients the opportunity to take care of their hair with professional products. 

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What do we offer?

Sales growth with retail product

Make $20K extras per year with AVYNA

Avyna's Products

Delivery time: 2-5 Business days

Make up


additive scopy

Professional Treatments




hair dryer

Styling tools

Styling product

Heat protectants

Hair oil

Leave-in repairing cream




(dry hair, colored hair, blondes, hair loss, damaged hair, oily hair)

Hair care treatments


You can also sign up to be part of the club preferred and start making points and earning commissions right away. 


Affordable prices

As attractive as it may be to increase the suggested retail price because your clients love the product and are willing to pay more, please do not make AVYNA another professional brand your clients can’t afford and instead start selling to more clients.


If you have any questions, you have access to a direct line where you can ask all your questions, also if you need training of all the product you can schedule a private class online.

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Thomas, 55 Ca.

I have a California license in cosmetology. I knew the AVYNA brand in Mexico and I loved it because it instantly reconstructs damaged hair. 

It is excellent to recommend to my clients when they have a chemical process. 

The variety of products is incredible because it has treatments for all types of hair such as shampoos, reconstructive leave-in creams, heat protectors, peroxides, bleaches and mattifiers, among other countless products, plus its effectiveness and quality can be seen from the first application. and the best thing is that it has super affordable prices.

I have increased my income by recommending the product to my clients and I am confident that my work will always remain perfect if my client maintains it at home with the brand's products.


Club Preferred Member since April 2021

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Diana , 38 Ca.

I am extremely pleased with most of Avyna's products. I have been working with the brand for four years now and have increased sales in my salon by 25% more and better yet, with clients satisfied with the result the product does on their hair.


Member of Club Preferred since November 2018

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Adilia, 30 La.

Avyna is an excellent product, since I have been working with them my income has increased considerably. I am totally satisfied with they’re results as well as my clients.

I have been working with the brand for almost a year now and my experience has been excellent. If you are a stylist or cosmetologist and you are looking for a reliable and good brand, I highly recommend Avyna.


Club preferred member since March 2023

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Karlenis, 31 Ia.

Thanks to AVYNA My income increased a lot in 2023 and now I have a bigger beauty salon and I managed to remodel it and improve its image with the profits that I generated by the resale of the product. When it comes to offering the product it is a winner, and the best part is that my customers love it, which makes it very easy to sell.
I highly recommend it if you are someone who wants to start a business and generate your own income.
I definitely recommend you to join the Club Preferred.

Member of Club Preferred since November 2018

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