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How to increase the sales of my salon?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

A business is thought for it to work for its owner and not the other way around. To get to this it must exist a process of growth and development, having as basis a good administration and faithful clients.

The income that comes from the services the salon provides (haircuts, color, hair treatments, makeup, hairstyles, etc.) allow its subsistence but not its development as a company. For the owner to get better profits from the salon's services, he would have to increase the prices considerably, which would lead to the loss of costumers as a consequence of the business, so this cannot be considered as a solution.

The only alternative we have to increase the average income of our salon is making our customers buy their hair products from us and not letting them go to the supermarket to buy cheap products that will damage their hair. It is a reality that most of our customers buy hair products at the supermarket instead of buying professional products because of the huge price difference it represents for them.

So to help you increase the monthly income of your salon AVYNA was made, it is the only brand that has an attractive resale profit for beauty salons, AVYNA was thought to be able to make sales of complete hair treatments for all of your clients, with the Italian glamor, its high standards of quality and low cost, it results irresistible to take home.

Tips to raise the average income:

1. Perform capillary diagnosis. Your client recognizes you as your hair doctor, making an adequate diagnosis reaffirms your professional image before him or her.

2. Use the products of your salon. What you use in the head washer and to complete the service, is the same thing that you can offer your client to take home. As a tip, show your client the amount of product that needs to be used and when to rinse it off and don't forget to mention that its cost is $4 per month, which is what she is already paying for the regular supermarket conditioner she uses. (Taking into account that our mask contains 500ml, its duration is 3 months and you pay $12.5)

3. Have a good presentation and display of the products. What we offer to our clients is a beauty product, it must be impeccable and in a visible place.

4. Have a good product inventory. Do not limit your clients nor your business, purchases are made by impulse or necessity, remember that your client will not stop using shampoo just because you did not sell it.

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