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Hair growth products.

One of the most common questions that can be asked when it comes to having a strong and healthy head of hair is: Why does hair fall out? It is important to know that hair loss can be temporary or permanent and can affect only the scalp or the whole body. It is important to be able to identify the factors that particularly affect a person in order to better combat this problem.

Hair loss can be caused by different factors, the important thing is to know them in order to have a correct hair care and hair growth routine. It is also important to know the products for hair growth that can help your case. It is known that there are several factors that affect hair loss, but below we will tell you what are the most common causes of hair loss.

Why does hair fall out

  • Stress.

If you are under constant stress whether it is from work, school or any situation that is triggering stress in your body, it can be one of the main causes of hair loss, as your body is subjected to a hormonal imbalance that particularly affects the hair follicles causing hair to fall out.

  • Seasonal hair loss.

If you've noticed that your hair falls out more regularly during weather or seasonal changes, don't worry! It's totally normal, especially during fall and spring. This is because during these periods, the body's tissues regenerate and the changes are more visible compared to any other season.

  • Genetics.

Genetics is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. It mainly affects men. It can appear in youth and can occur from 18 to 25 years of age or it can appear in adulthood after 50 years of age.

  • Hormonal changes.

Hair loss caused by hormonal changes affects both men and women. In women it may be due to hormonal imbalances, pregnancy and menopause. In men, hair loss is due to hormonal changes caused by an increase in dihydrotestosterone. These changes can directly affect the hair follicles, causing the hair to grow shorter and in smaller quantities.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss products

If you suffer from hair loss, don't worry! There are products with special ingredients that can help you stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. What should you look for in a product that can help you with hair loss? Easy! It should have rosemary extract, nettle extract and herbal extracts as its main ingredients.

Herbs and natural ingredients will make your hair grow naturally and will also help prevent hair loss. Here are some of the hair loss products that can be used to stimulate hair growth on your scalp to prevent excessive hair loss:

Hair growth products

The Abbondanza line was specially designed to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. It is enriched with rosemary, coconut and nettle extracts. The combination of these ingredients prevents the hair follicle from closing and stimulates hair growth.

Abbondanza shampoo is especially for washing thin hair. It helps strengthen hair and prevents hair loss. Its herbal extracts increase resistance and stimulate hair growth. How do you use it? Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse.

This is a shock treatment against hair loss. These are ampoules against persistent hair loss. They are enriched with rosemary extract and nettle extract. These ingredients have a toning and nourishing effect on the hair and promote hair growth. How do you use them? After washing the hair, remove excess water, apply the lotion all over the scalp and massage. It should be applied 3 times a week.

Hair growth routine

It is important that you carefully identify the personal cause that is triggering your hair loss, so that you can better attack the problem and complement your hair routine with the products that your needs require. It is also important to remember to be consistent with a hair care routine for hair loss, as this is the only way to see the desired results.

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