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What is my hairtype?

Hey there, gorgeous souls! Let's spill the tea on something as confusing as choosing a Netflix series – figuring out your hair type. It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle, but no worries, we're breaking it down like we break into a bag of chips. So, grab a seat and let's dive into the wild world of "What is my hair type?"

How to Know Your Hair Type?

Figuring out your hair type is like deciphering emojis – challenging but doable. Here's the lowdown:

Feel the Texture: Run your fingers through your hair – is it soft like a baby bunny or thick like a cozy sweater? Fine hair feels smoother, while thicker hair might have more volume and texture.

Check the Waves or Curls: What's your natural wave game like? Is it straight like an arrow, wavy like an ocean breeze, or curling up like a cozy blanket? Your natural pattern spills the beans on your hair type.

Oil Detective: What's the oil situation on your scalp? Is it drier than a desert, oilier than a pizza slice, or just right? Your scalp's oiliness gives you the deets on your hair type.

How to know your hairtype

What Are the Types of Hair?

Now that you've cracked your hair code, let's break down the hair types. It's like discovering a new favorite emoji:

Straight Up: Hair as straight as a gossip-free brunch. It's shiny and reflects light like a disco ball at a party.

Wavy Vibes: Hair with a little "je ne sais quoi." Waves that are as unpredictable as your plans on a Saturday night, and it can hold styles like a champ.

Curl Party: Locks that spiral and twirl like a dance floor diva. Curls that range from chill beach vibes to sassy salsa moves, and each curl's got a story to tell.

Kinks and Coils: Tight coils and zig-zags that defy gravity. Kinky hair is full of personality and rocks styles like it's walking a runway.

What are the types of hair

What Type of Hair Product Should I Use?

Now that you're on a first-name basis with your hair, let's talk about pampering it with the right products:

Straight Up: Go for the lightweight, smoothing goodies that add shine without playing heavy. And girl, a good heat protectant is like having a superhero cape for your sleek styles.

Wavy Vibes: Embrace those waves with products that boost texture and give you that laid-back beachy vibe. A mousse is like your hair's personal cheerleader.

Curl Party: Hydration station, here we come! Curlies need moisture, so grab leave-in conditioners, curl creams, and gels to let those curls shine bright.

Kinks and Coils: Keep it juicy with rich creams, butters, and oils. Detangling is your bestie, so invest in a detangler to mak styling a breeze.

What type of hair product should i use.

Now you've graduated from Hair Type University! Armed with the knowledge of your hair's unique personality, you can now choose products that'll make it sing like it's in a shower concert. Whether you're straight up, riding the wavy vibes, dancing in the curl party, or part of the kinks and coils crew, embrace it, love it, and let it shine like a disco ball on a Friday night. You and your hair? Unstoppable! 🌟

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