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Why should I use Hyaluronic Acid hair products?

Updated: May 18, 2020

Our hair is made up of 91% proteins, among them we can find collagen and keratin, which are responsible for maintaining the shine and strength of your hair, therefore for the last years the beauty industry has facilitated the access to both for hair maintenance.

Every day we subject our hair to different environments and procedures that can wear down these proteins, which is why we need to recover them if we want to maintain the health of our hair.

By exposing your hair to high or very low temperatures, either through styling tools or due to the environment, we attempt against the health of our hair. By subjecting it to chemical procedures, such as dyes and bleaching, we alter its natural composition, causing the brightness and strength that characterizes it to be affected in the same way.

Over time our hair stops shining, loses strength and falls, which is why we must follow a treatment at home that guarantees us the optimal care of one of our best attributes: hair. This is the reason why AVYNA created the Ialuronico line for all those people who want to recover, or not lose, the shine and strength of their hair after having undergone various chemical and thermal procedures. In addition to including in this line two of the main hair proteins, keratin and collagen, hyaluronic acid was added as an active component.

This is an anti-aging component that is naturally present in our skin, cartilage and joints. It works as a moisturizing agent and helps to ensure that the hydration of your hair does not fade since its main function is to retain water.

In addition to increasing the production of collagen. This hair line has a complete treatment available for use at home: shampoo, mask/conditioner, a reconstructive leave-in mask, a biphasic leave-in hair conditioner, hair refiller and a serum.

Remember that you can mix the AVYNA hair lines that best suit your hair. If your hair is curly, bleached, dyed, scarce, dehydrated, greasy, you have dandruff, thin, etc. You should consult your hairdresser to get the ideal hair care line for you. Professional products are the best option to take care of your hair, since they mainly differ from supermarket products for this: their high-quality ingredients.

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