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The Ultimate Curly Hair Care Routine

Curly hair is probably one of the most notorious characteristics when describing the physical appearance of someone, and surely it is a hair type that needs a little more care than usual, as its natural structure tends to be fragile and high maintenance is needed.

The first step to a hair care routine is shampooing it. The ingredients which will wash your hair will depend on the hair’s nature. It is known that curly hair tends to dehydrate more often than others, which is why we surely recommend our Argan line, our most hydrating line thoughtfully designed for natural curly hair. If your hair isn’t natural you can also try our sulfate free and color maintaining line: Goji. You’ll love it too!

The second step is hydration and it should start in the shower. Which mask is the one that best suits you? without a doubt, if your hair is natural: Argan. But if it isn’t and your curls have lost their strength, you should give our Ialuronico Maschera a try! It is enriched with hyaluronic acid, keratin and collagen, the 3 base ingredients for great hair. Your curls will be the ones that were before!

The third step is styling it, if you tend to blowdry your curls, you must use a heat- protectant and we couldn’t think of a better option than our ten in one hair mask: Pozione 10. It will help you brush through your curls and detangle it, beside protecting it from the heat and plenty other benefits that it offers! And if you prefer to style your curls after taking a shower, try our Xtyling Curly: combing cream that molds, defines and reinforces the curl, providing elasticity and shine, eliminates frizz and thanks to its formula enriched with panthenol keeps your naturally defined curls for longer without mistreating the hair. You can check our complete xtyling line on our website to complete your styling routine!

And as a fourth step: maintenance. Don’t forget to include in your routine a leave-in and concentrated treatments such as our Ricostruttores, Serums and Ampoules.

Complement your hair care routine with A·V·Y·N·A! In our different lines you’ll find what you’ve been missing and more.

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