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The 5 Senses at the Beauty Salon

Throughout the years the hospital industry has been involving the 5 senses in the experience that surrounds the services an establishment offers. The smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing are the 5 senses that contribute to determine someone’s experience as a positive or negative memory.

The added value that will make any business a successful one is an optimum experience. A beauty salon offers a great variety of services that may last up to a couple of hours, being this the best opportunity to create better experiences for its customers. Along on this post we present you a list in which you can consider some ideas that will benefit the customer experience at your salon, minding always the goal of customers’ loyalty.

Smell: everyone can tell the smell of a beauty salon, in between bleachers and other hair dye smells is where the experience begins. Nevertheless you’ll find customers whom may dislike this type of aromas and you can always improve the ambience with a good ventilation system to neutralize the saturation of chemical scents in the room. And before you start with any of these steps, make sure your space is clean, as backwash sink and toilet facilities tend to spread different smells that may be related to the sewer system.

Taste: we know that an appointment at a beauty salon may last a while, which is why offering your clients some courtesy beverages such as water or coffee may make it easier for your clients to spend time at your place. If you want to go the extra mile add some crackers or snacks, they will love it! Even more because this kind of service is mostly never expected.

Touch: make sure that the chairs at your stations are in optimum conditions: no scratches, clean and comfy. Remember that they’ll spend significant time seatted, prioritize quality rather than design.

Sight: the principal components of this sense are order and cleanliness. The decorations and harmony of the place can step down a little, if your client enters your salon and finds it being a mess and dirty, any decoration will be unnoticed and in vain.

Sound: this places tend to be noisy between the chattering and blow dryers. Clients expect these noises to be there and there’s not a lot to do about it. You can always play pleasant music and have nice conversations rather than playing the radio. Make sure to create a place for enjoyable conversations.

These are just some ways in which you can improve the environment of your beauty salon. Imagine that you attend your place as a customer, how memorable will the experience be?

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