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Is it worth it to invest in retail products?

Before you start reading this post, probably you have already thought about selling hair care products at your salon. Even though hair salons are considered to be first need establishments, it means nothing about profit being directly, and proportionally, related to the work needed for building and maintaining a successful one.

Hair salons, for they nature, offer services which are carried away by people who take the time and effort (physical and mental) to achieve great results on each one of their clients. Every hairdresser has been prepared to create the ultimate hair cuts and looks on their clients, nevertheless, and sadly each one of these services involves two factors that will affect the profit obtained by them being provided. The two factors are: time and availability.

Do you know any hairdresser that doesn’t end up tired each day? How many full bookings per day do you have? Isn’t there a single chair available to take another client? These are some of the questions we’d love you to consider when thinking about hair care retail products.

1. These products are the “perfect employee” as they never get tired, they’re always on time and ready, their results are consistent!

2. They don’t take much space from your salon, compared to a new shampooing chair or station

3. The profit they give you will be higher each time as they can “take care” of more than one client at a time

The hairdresser that have decided to offer the added value of providing their clients of professional hair care products have incremented their profit without compromising their clients comfort, making a big investment and working more extra hours.

If you haven’t made your mind up yet, answer these questions: How long does it take you to make a cut and color on a client? In the price for the service, have you considered the light, water and material that costs to provide it? How big is the profit/cost margin per hour on each work you make? and lastly: How long will it take you to sell that single client the shampoo and mask for a home maintenance treatment?

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