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How to sell products at your salon?

Updated: May 18, 2020

You should be selling at least to 50% of your clients, do you know how many clients do you have and to which % are you selling to?

The first thing you need to do is make sure you and your staff know what they are selling, know the brand, each product, treatments, hair lines, if you know what you are selling it is easier to convince the client to buy it.

You may need to provide some training and incentives to get your staff started with sales. The person that sells the most can advise the others to do the same that is working for him/her, they can learn from each other, if they are good sellers they will make your business grow and become an important part of your income, you should be aiming for 15-25% of your revenue to be from product sales.

Your staff must try the products so they can recommend them, a stylist who uses the brand sounds more convincing and motivated in making others try it than the one that uses another brand. If they don’t like and use the products themselves, they won’t sell a thing.

The easiest way to sell is using the products on the client while performing the service, make sure he/she understand what it is, what it does and why you are using it.

Remember that you are providing solutions to fulfill your customers’ needs so if they buy from you once, they will hardly be able to stop buying from you.

It is really important that you are selling the right brand, just make sure it meets these characteristics:

  • Salon exclusive, it means your clients cannot get it anywhere but at a beauty salon.

  • Has a variety of products: you need to be able to fulfill most of client’s needs.

  • Affordable & High quality

In order to know whether or not your sales efforts are going well, you need to be able to measure how much you’re selling! Therefore, you must keep a sales record, so that you can make important decisions that benefit your business such as getting rid of the brands or products that are making you lose money and start selling what can make you increase your monthly income considerably.

Avyna was created as a solution for the main problems all beauty salons have:


  • “Professional hair care products are really expensive, so my clients can’t afford them and end up buying somewhere else.”

  • “My clients can find what I recommended in other places (supermarkets and beauty supplies), they buy once but never buy from me again”.



  • Italian brand (it has the European high standers of quality)

  • Affordable

  • Professional

  • High Quality

  • Variety of products

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty free

  • Nice presentation & perfect size

  • Easy to sell (price-quality-size)

Did you know that a 500ml/16.9oz Shampoo last 3 months and it’s only $12.75?

Ok so let’s compare prices, a regular supermarket shampoo lasts 2 months and you spend $3-4, for AVYNA (a professional hair care brand) you will spend 4.25 per month.

If you make your clients see it this way, do you think they will keep buying products that damage their hair instead of start using professional hair care products, recommended by you, the hair professional?

In conclusion we can say that it is really important to consider 3 things to make the retail part of your business thrive: Staff trained in sales, having a brand that satisfies the needs of least half of your clients and use & talk about the product you want to sell during the service.

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