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How a bleaching process can affect your hair

Nowadays it is becoming more common to see hair discoloration processes in beauty salons as a result of people wanting to change their hair color, eliminate the existent or simply create a homogeneous white tone over gray hairs that people want them to remain brass-free. This is a chemical process which can result in a beautiful outcome when done properly. Nevertheless, chemical products can deteriorate and damage the hair, therefore it becomes necessary to start a hair treatment routine to avoid further hair damage.

The first rule that you must follow when looking for a color change on your hair is to do it by the hands of a professional stylist who uses high quality products, this is the first and most important step for a bleaching. During the bleaching process, we seek to eliminate the existent tone and for chemical products to achieve this it is necessary to open the hair’s cuticle so that the bleacher can penetrate it and reach the color to oxidate it. As a result of this process, the keratin (which is the protein contained in the hair) degrades and the hair weakens. Another factor to consider in this process is the exposure time. The amount of exposure time to the chemicals will depend on the type of hair, its thickness and tone, besides other characteristics. The longest it is exposure, the higher the damaging risk. Each hair is different and the result will vary from one type to another.

Despite using high quality products and the expertise of a professional, a fact is that hair will be damaged. Which is why you should count on professional quality maintenance products that will restore the strength and shine to your newly bleached hair.

As we mentioned before hair’s cuticle gets open to oxidate the color and its protein degrades, inevitably resulting in finer hair strands. As a solution to this problem: AVYNA has created two hair care lines that complement each other to help you take care of your hair. The first one consists of our Platino Shampoo and Maschera, which will help you eliminate the undesired undertones. And the second line named Ialuronico, created to restructure the hair strand from the inside out, formulated with keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, being these 3 the principal components of a healthy hair. You can learn more about these products on the articles we have written for you!

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