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Are all of your prices profitable?

Here we leave you with some tips to get your salon prices on the right track. These are some factors you need to consider in order to determine your prices:

1. The area where your beauty salon is located. This is really important because the type of clients change a lot from area to area, you should determine the prices depending on the minimum wage of your salons’ location.

2. How many employees do you have? This factor is related to the last one because in order to determine the prices of your services, you need to know how much a stylist is getting paid in your area, in some areas the wages are better than in others.

3. How good your services are? If you offer extra services such as snacks, drinks, amenities, etc. You can be considered an outstanding salon and people will definitely recommend you. I’m not suggesting that you should charge for it, but it makes you an exceptional salon and you are worth more.

4. How full your schedule is? If you become or you are a very popular salon, due to your excellent service, amazing hairstylist, incredible products and good prices, your value as a salon gets higher and you could consider increasing your prices.

5. The look of your salon and its size. You need to have your salon impeccable, it should be organized, clean and it is a plus if it has an amazing aroma.

If you have no idea of the value of your business you should get to know the beauty salons around you so you can get an idea of the prices of your area and based on that determine yours with the other factors we already mentioned.

So, once you have the price of the main services, determine how much does your time cost. For example if you charge $40 for a haircut and you spend 30 minutes doing the service, your time per minute costs $1.33

By thinking in a per minute rate you get to know how valuable your time is, but another factor that you need to consider in other services like Avotox Treatment or Balayage, for example, is the amount of product you use depending on the length of hair (short, medium & long).

Do not undercharge your services, your times is valuable as anybody else’s. Your clients pay for your expertise.

In conclusion, your prices (product & service) should be enough to pay all your expenses: rent, wages, services such as phone, internet, electricity, gas, water, waste, cleaning and maintenance.

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