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4 ways to take care of your hair at home

If you are used to visiting your beauty salon regularly, surely you have been concerned about the look of your hair during this quarantine in which we cannot visit our hairdresser. This is why we can emphasize the importance of having professional quality hair treatments at home ... If you already have them, we congratulate you! You have taken the first step towards the health and well-being of your hair and if you still do not have AVYNA at home, read on as some tips could help you.

TIP #1 - Don't wash your hair if it's not necessary. If your hair is not dirty there is no need to wash it as this will only wash off the dye and dry out your scalp. It sounds pretty basic, but it can help you maintain the intensity of your hair color and prevent you from generating an unnecessary amount of sebum on your head. Plus, you'll save water and hair care products! Use the shampoo that your hair needs, AVYNA has special lines for the needs of each type of hair.

TIP #2 - Stylize your hair! In this way you will learn new ways to comb it in addition to raising your spirits by looking at yourself in the mirror, who does not like to look good? It is time to do all the hairstyles that you have not dared to try! And the best part: if you like it, you will not have to wash it and you can use that hairstyle for 2 or 3 days more than you planned. If you are going to use hot styling tools, don't forget to use a heat-protectant such as: Pozione10, Liss di Lino or Liquid Silk.

TIP #3 - Let it dry by itself. These days at home we have had more time for ourselves and our personal grooming, however your hair could use a break from the intense heat of the dryer that you use to speed up the drying process of your hair during the days that you have been in a rush to get somewhere. Use leave-in hair masks such as Ricostruttore di Argan, di Goji or di Ialuronico, which will work throughout the day to protect your hair from the environment and control the frizz.

TIP #4 - Discover the needs of your hair. Every day you see and feel it but pay more attention to its needs. Do you need hydration? Do you need a cut? Does it fall too much? This way you can use the active ingredients that your hair needs the most to regain the shine and strength that it has probably lost.

Find professional hair care products for a home maintenance, if you can’t find the ideal hair line for you, we are here to help!

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