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3 Different Ways to Use Your A·V·Y·N·A Serum

If it is the first or third bottle of serum you have in your hands, this post is for you! if you still do not have enough reasons to buy it, this post is for you! If you had never thought that you needed one, this post is also for you!

A·V·Y·N·A has designed this intensive hair treatment for 3 of our main hair care lines: di Argan, di Goji and Ialuronico. Which cover the needs of all hair problems/types: dehydrated, bleached, dyed, damaged, curly, kinky, etc.

If you have ever tried it on your hair, you will be able to notice the immediate effect it has on it by providing unmatched shine and body by applying it from mid-lengths to ends, not to mention the amazing aroma it has! Your hair expert will have already told you about the benefits that this product will bring to your hair: anti-frizz, smoothens the hair, prevents spit ends, provides shine & protection from environmental pollution.

Well here I give you 3 different ways you can take advantage of your A·V·Y·N·A’s hair serum:

1. Use it as a night treatment, apply two drops concentrating on the tips of your hair. If possible, braid it to prevent the nightly rubbing of the pillow from creating knots and damaging your hair. Being a concentrated treatment of nutrients, it will act during the night to leave your hair much more manageable during the following day.

2. Use it as a heat-protectant. Although this function is not the main one of the product, it will help you avoid damage caused by the intense heat of your tools. This advice should be taken into account if you do not style your hair with this type of tool more than once a week, if you do, the best option for you will be to use Pozione 10, Liquid Silk or Liss di Lino, whose degree of protection is higher.

3. Use it to provide shine. Apply it on dry clean hair to control frizz after styling it and to provide shine during the day.

What are you waiting for to have your own A·V·Y·N·A serum at home?

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