Do you want to avoid brands that test on animals?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Like us, we know that today there are many people who are looking for a product that solves their beauty problems but does not harm anyone else, including animals.

Many times you approach different shops or beauty products consultants and question them about whether or not their products perform this type of testing. But can you trust what they tell you? In the end, they are sellers trying to do their job: sell. So if you want to be sure that the products you want to buy fulfill your requirements, the easiest way to do it is to verify their origin.

Tests on animals are often a problem that goes beyond the needs and desires of a brand, because even if the brand does not make them, they could be working with a provider that, in some cases without them knowing, is doing it. So to be sure not to use products that perform tests on animals, the easiest way is to avoid all brands of cosmetics that:

1. Have part or all of their production in a country that allows testing on animals such as China or Japan.

2. Brands that market their products in countries that require cosmetic testing on animals before you can sell them, such as China.

Today there are countries and regions, such as the European Union, which have not only banned animal tests but have also banned products tested on animals anywhere in the world from being sold in Europe. On the other hand, there are other large cosmetic producers countries such as the United States or Japan, where there is no one that regulates this, so the reality is that the seller can say whatever you want to hear.

In the second case, each country has a different regulation to allow or not the commercialization of cosmetic products within its borders and in some cases they are as cruel as forcing all products to have been tested on animals before entering the country.

So if your favorite brand of products has convinced you with ads and logos with rabbits that they do not test on animals, you only have to check if they sell their products in one of these markets such as China and if so, you can restart your search for a brand that really cares for animals.