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Wear makeup to the gym: Yes or no?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

All women like to look pretty at every moment of the day or at least while we are exposed to the looks of other people. And a place where stares are guaranteed is at the gym. That's why many women choose to wear makeup. Either because they left work and went straight to the gym or because they expect to find the love of their life at seven in the morning. However, can this cause consequence for your skin?

According to dermatologists, wearing makeup at the gym is not the best practice [1]. This is because when we are working out, our body temperature raises and we start sweating, which causes the pores of our skin to dilate. When this happens the makeup penetrates the pores and causes the hated blackheads, the dreaded pimples or terrible acne.

Furthermore, gyms are not usually the cleanest places on the planet and while we exercise we are in constant contact with gym equipment, weights, rugs, exercise balls, etc. They are used by many people whose hygiene habits are doubtful. The makeup increases the adhesion of particles of dirt on our face that are on the towel and on the gym equipment, so when we touch or face with our dirty hands the dirt gets impregnated in the pores of our skin.

So if you want to avoid harming your skin, we recommend removing the makeup or cleaning your face with a face wipe before starting your routine. Then apply Facciale di Argan all over your face to moisturize and give a smooth aspect to your skin.

We usually want to cover imperfections such as scars, pimples or blackheads even when we are exercising. So if you decide to apply makeup to exercise, we recommend using hypoallergenic products and always of the best quality to take care of your skin as much as possible. You can use a light foundation that does not cover your pores and reduce the risk of pimples or blackheads. Have a beauty cleaning routine and go to burn some calories!

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