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The secret to a fabulous fantasy color.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Perhaps, to a lot of us have crossed our minds to dye our hair out of conventional colors. Blue, fuchsia or green came up as an alternative. But our fear is always the excessive use of bleaching and the result that leaves on our hair, most of us have refrained from making a change like this, by not wanting to feel our hair dehydrated, porous and brittle. But that's over.

AVYNA has the key for us to show off a luminous and healthy rainbow hair. It's called Zenzero Pigment!

But what are the Zenzero Pigments? Unlike a common fantasy dye that only adds color to the hair, the Zenzero is a reconstructive coloring mask that increases the chances of playing with color. One of its most important characteristics is that it does not contain ammonia, which makes it a semi-permanent dye that does not contribute to the damage caused by bleaching and thanks to its active ingredients such as olive oil that provides strength and vitality to the hair, ginger that contains essential oils and amino acids which helps restructure the capillary strand and cocoa butter that for its mineral components and vitamins nourishes and stimulates the hair. These ingredients complete the nourishing action and contribute to the recovery and hydration of the hair strand leaving your hair shiny, healthy and voluminous.

And this is not the best part, as I said Pigment Zenzero is not a common fantasy dye, which is applied only when the color is already washed away. As a reconstructive mask there are different ways to apply it and mix it with different AVYNA products. These are some ways in which you can use this fabulous product:

1. After the discoloration is used to tint the hair, to obtain the desired color you can mix any of our 8 tones in a bowl, for example if what you want is a light pink tone you can mix pink and white, adding more than one or another until you get the desired color.

2. To maintain the color without it looking dull and washed out. You can mix Zenzero Pigment with Shampoo di Goji and use this mixture every time you wash your hair, in this way not only do you keep the color bright and alive, but also hydrated to get a silky and healthy hair.

3. Another way to use it is as a moisturizing treatment, after washing your hair with any AVYNA shampoo, apply Pigmento Zenzero all over your hair, collect it with a pin, use a thermal cap or plastic paper and the dryer to apply heat for 15 minutes, rinse and enjoy a silky and shiny hair.

Now you know you can make the change of look you have been wanting for so long without damaging your hair, do not think about it anymore, I dare you to try it!

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