Ideal hair treatment for blonde hair, keep your hair brass free with our purple shampoo, its purple pigments keep the yellow color at bay, eliminating the undesired undertones and keep your color hydrated, bright and shiny with di goji hair line. If you have thin hair you should not buy this package because it contains products not ideal for you (fluido and ricostruttore), choose the rest of the hair line separately.


  • Shampoo: Toning shampoo that attenuates yellow reflexes of grey hair, light blondes and bleached hair.
  • Maschera: Our maschera is the equivalent to the conditioner and a deep hydration mask.
  • Ricostruttore: Leave-in conditioner.
  • Bifasico: A light no-rinse hair treatment that thanks to its two phases it hydrates, untangles and protects the capillary strand without adding weight.
  • Fluido: Serum to prevent the aging of the capillary strand. It gives softness and shine to the hair while repairing the split ends.


SKU: P-465