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Its function is to wash and remove impurities and residues of the scalp.

Use: Apply a small amount on your hands, spread it on wet hair, massage and rinse off.

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Our maschera is the equivalent to the conditioner and a deep hydration mask.

3 ways of use:

1. As a conditioner. 
2. As a mask - leave it on damp hair for 10-15 minutes then rinse off. 
3. As an intense hair treatment - use a hair cap, apply heat, leave it for 10-15 min then rinse off.

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Leave-in conditioner, its function is to moisturize. It also softens and gives movement to the hair. After every wash, the capillary thread is reconstructed. 

Use: Apply on damp hair, spread throughout the hair, do not rinse.

Ideal for: Normal/thick hair.


A light no-rinse hair treatment that thanks to its two phases it hydrates, untangles and protects the capillary strand without adding weight.

Use: Shake it and spray on wet hair. Comb.

Ideal for:  fine hair.


Serum that prevents the aging of the capillary strand. It gives softness and shine to the hair while repairing the split ends. 

Use: Apply a few drops on wet or dry hair. 

Ideal for: Normal/thick hair.

Lozione di Agave

Concentrated hair lotion of pure plant essential oils that enhances the effect of Shampoo di Agave. Get a purifying and fresh feeling. 

USE: Shake it. Apply it on dry scalp and massage. Do not rinse.

FREQUENCY: Every second day.

Lozione di Cheratina

No-rinse restructuring ampoules, enriched with Keratin, Shea Butter and Wheat Protein.

USE: Apply it from mid-lengths to ends after washing your hair. Do not rinse. You'll get better results if you dry your hair and straighten it.

FREQUENCY: 2 times per week.

Lozione di Goji

It decongests the skin eliminating impurities and residues from alkaline treatments, in addition to sealing the cuticle it retains the color for longer time.

USE: After the application of a chemical process, distribute the ampoule, emulsifying it into the hair and scalp. Let stand 3 minutes and rinse.

Lozione di Abbondanza

Shock treatment against persistent hair loss. Due to its formula that is enriched with different herbs it is recommended that before applying it, a test should be made on your skin to check that it does not cause any allergic reaction.

USE: After washing the hair, remove the excess of water, apply the lotion to the scalp and massage.


FREQUENCY:Apply 3 times per week. 


It nourishes dry and damaged hair providing shine and body. Creates defined curls thanks to the hydrating power of Panthenol. 

USE: Shake it. Distribute over the hair and comb as desired.


It defines and reinforces the curl giving elasticity and shine. It eliminates the rebel curls with maximum control. 

USE: Apply on wet hair following the natural shape of the curl.

Ideal for: Normal/thick hair.


Ultra-strong capillary gel, combs and sculpts with determination, for extreme and long lasting looks. It dries quickly, without drying the hair and leaves no residues.

USE: Spread a small amount of product on dry palms, moisten with water and comb as desired.

Fiber Paste

Molding wax that leaves a natural shine on the hair, defines hair, creates long-lasting hair styles. 

USE: Warm the wax in your hands and apply the product on dry or wet hair.

Wet Look

Wet effect that provides softness and elasticity by marking wavy and curly hair. 

USE: Apply on wet hair for a natural effect and on dry hair to define your hairstyle.

Ideal for: Normal/thick hair.

Liquid Silk

Best heat-protectant. It covers the hair with a protecting film against dehydration caused by hot tools. 

USE: Apply in small quantities over mid-lengths to ends before using the straightener.

Ideal for: Normal/thick hair.

Liss di Lino

Special product to smooth and control stubborn hair. Its formula protects hair from the heat of thermal tools. 

USE: Apply a few drops on wet or dry hair and comb.

Ideal for: Normal/thick hair.

Pozione 10

Intensive mask with 10 benefits.

  • Protects the color

  • Detangles the hair

  • Prevents split ends

  • Facilitates blow-drying

  • Quick to use

  • Repairs damaged hair

USE: Spray over dry or humid hair, distribute evenly and do not rinse.

  • Disciplines frizz

  • Heat-Protectant

  • Facilitates styling

  • Provides shine and silkiness


Reconstructive mask that brings shine and color to the hair, thanks to its ingredients such as ginger and cocoa butter,

USE: Remove 40 ml/1.3oz from the Shampoo Di Goji (500 ml/16.91oz) and replace it with 40 ml/1.3oz of zenzero from the desired color, mix well and use it each time you wash your hair. The first time your use it as a dye leave it for 15-20 min, when you get to the desired color use the shampoo to mantain the intensity of the color.